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Adam D.

The way that I handle stress is by recognizing that the only reason I feel the way I do, whether it be happy or sad, is because of how I am choosing to respond to the world around me. A lot of people struggle with things because they react to a situation. Rather than allowing yourself to react to something, consciously respond instead. Your mental relationship with life then becomes a series of choices. We can’t control life, but we can control our choices. By doing this, stress also becomes a choice. Many of these ideas are originally from Sadhguru, and I like them.

Adam Denlinger is a singer from California, USA. He has contributed clean vocals to the Dutch symphonic death metal band MaYaN since 2017 after covering for Henning Basse at Graspop Metal Meeting in 2017. Denlinger has since toured with MaYaN in Europe, joining the band officially after contributing to the album Dhyana (2018).

Denlinger learned piano as a child, beginning guitar at age fourteen. He studied mathematics and music at the University of Redlands in California, training there for two years in classical singing under Marco Schindelmann of the Voice and Opera School of Music. Eight years later, he received coaching from Mats Levén (Candlemass), Carlos Zema (Immortal Guardian), and Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear).

Denlinger has written music and performed with different Los Angeles metal bands including Colossal Microcosms and Avant Guardian, with whom he recorded the album Metamorphosis (2013). He is currently working on a new project called Design your Destiny.


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