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Bart G.

I live in a fast lane. No vacation for few years in a row? Not a single day off for literally months? Not sleeping for 2 nights in a row because things are not working out and something goes wrong? Been there, done that. It’s not something I’m super proud of, and I’m not complaining either – that’s life, shit happens, and we sometimes can do nothing about it. Mental health is no joke, and the sooner we realize it, the better. I’ve been in some really dark places and went through some extreme situations in my life which probably made me stronger, but it’s not always like that, and let’s face it, we’re all different, and all situations are different.

There are few mechanisms and ways that help me in those hardest moments, so perhaps telling about them will help someone out there as well. Changing the environment. In my case the nature has a therapeutic effect, be it mountains, forest, the sea, doesn’t really matter. No phone, no computer – even one day off works miracles. It also helps to get right perspective: sometimes answering yourself a question "why am I doing this, is it really worth it?", might change everything.

Whenever it’s possible, I try to stay away from toxic people - be it people with negative attitude, people who used me for their own benefits, or people who don’t treat others well. Yes, I know, easier to be said than done, but whenever it’s possible, I try to stay away from them and from negative vibes in general. Next thing: mind, body, spirit. It’s all connected. I completely quit drinking alcohol when I turned 40, and I started to work out 5 times a week. The difference is HUGE. I perform better, I feel better, I’m more focused. It’s like I would became a better version of myself. And last but not least, I try to enjoy the small things and treat myself well. Don’t know what I mean? Then listen to Louis Prima song, "Enjoy Yourself". And have a great and glorious day!

About Me


Bart Gabriel is a record producer, mastering specialist and a freelance A&R executive. His discography includes more than 200 professionally released albums and singles, which he produced, co-produced, mastered or remastered. As a CEO of the Gabriel Management agency and a freelance A&R executive, he worked with more than 20 record labels and more than 90 bands from Europe, Japan and North America. Since 2009, he also owns the Skol Records label, which released more than 50 heavy metal albums.

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