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Diego V.

When it comes to dealing with general stress, or when life just throws me a complete curveball, I have a few methods I use to help me cope.  One, I can not emphasize enough how important meditation is.  Even if it's just a couple of minutes every once in a while, it helps me to just stop and take a second to think deeply about what is causing me stress.  Questions I ask myself include, am I catastrophizing?  Would I be better off if I work toward finding a solution or do I just need to vent?  Is there something deeper that might be making me feel the way that I’m feeling?  Etc. However, sometimes it just helps to get away and not worry about things so much.  I find hiking and spending time in nature always help to clear my mind. Now it probably comes as no shock to anyone, but as a musician, I find that music is the most important tool that I have.  Sometimes just sitting behind a piano and just playing whatever my hands happen to play can be a huge stress reliever.  Other times, sitting down and actually writing a new song, putting my thoughts and emotions out there through music and lyrics, help me immensely.  I don’t think you need to be a musician however.  Creativity in general, whatever that means to you, I truly believe is something that is beneficial to anyone's mental health.  Maybe to you that means painting, poetry, diy projects, or trying a new recipe.  Whatever it is, I think we all need to take time for ourselves every now and then.

About Me

Diego Valadez is a metal musician from Whittier, California. Joining his first in high school, as a keyboard player for the local power metal band ‘Ice Storm’, he began to earn some attention in the Los Angeles metal scene.  He would later go on to join ‘Cellador’ as the bands keyboardist, establishing his place in the metal community world wide.  Diego is currently the singer and lead songwriter for the melodic/symphonic metal band ‘Anthea’ and also plays keyboards on classic Stratovarius hits for Timo Tolkki’s USA concerts.

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