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Dirk K.

For me, its just always been... How Blessed I am and how lucky I am for the many gifts in my life. So its about relying on the positives. Sure, I've had bunch of "failures" like most of us. But failure is relative to the big picture. When you move forward, you're contributing to the world. Something we all strive for. I do practice vinyasa yoga (more when I'm feeling stressed) and I've been a vegetarian for over 40 years. This gives me a sense of humanity. I don't take another life to sustain my own. But everyone can find their small contribution to the planet and I think this is the most important part of our time on earth. 




About Me

Dirk is a Singer, Voice over artist, Songwriter and Musician. He has created original music for film, television and commercials. He is the voice of Qubo Night Owl as well as many television promotions and In addition to pop/rock/metal and dance songwriting, he has released 3 original albums. Dirk has composed, sang and co-produced 2 critically acclaimed albums "Hittman and Vivas Machina. Hittman has resumed their career after a long layover. They released their debut album in an expanded CD+ Digital Format including rarities and demos. Preproduction has begun on a new studio album, to be released in 2019 . Hittman played their 1st reunion show at the Keep It True festival in Germany april 28th 2018. They have played in Athens Greece and are about to release their third album.

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