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Jack S.

As someone who has played and created heavy metal music for around forty years, I would like to say how important it is that mental health be taken seriously. Sometimes the ride on the "Crazy Train" needs to stop or slow down. Many of us get into heavy metal because we feel alienated or isolated at school or by family, and the music brings us comfort and makes us feel less alone. This is a good thing, but there are also times when some of us are crying for help and that's when its a good thing to be aware of all the warning signs,

About Me

Guitarist Jack Starr initially made his name with the East Coast metal band Virgin Steele during the early '80s, playing on their first two albums (1982's self-titled debut and 1983's Guardians of the Flame) before embarking on a solo career. Starr formed a backing band called Burning Starr, which bowed in 1984 with Out of the Darkness. Further albums followed at a steady clip: 1985's Rock the American Way, 1986's No Turning Back, 1987's Blaze of Glory, and 1989's The Orange Album. Taking a new direction for the '90s, Starr recorded an all-instrumental effort titled A Minor Disturbance in 1990 and subsequently joined the band Strider, which issued a self-titled debut the following year. In 1994, Starr self-released a collaborative project called Oxgen I (on cassette only) and spent much of the remainder of the decade backing other acts. In 1999, he resurfaced with the Jack Starr Blues Band, a project that allowed him to explore his long-dormant love for electric blues and blues-rock. In 2021 Jack Starr's Burning Starr announce new album "Souls Of The Innocent", and sign with Global Rock Records & Giles Lavery Management,

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