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John B.

I really just try to occupy my thoughts with the most positive things in my life. Some stuff is - hanging/playing with my little girls and dogs would have to be number one. - play my guitar for “fun”, meaning not really working on anything, just plugging in and going off, not thinking of how sloppy or whatever, just having fun and loosing myself in why I wanted to play in the first place. - working on/tinkering with guitars, try new pickups/setups/etc. - I find that cleaning/organizing/rearranging can really get focus off the negative stuff. And usually the finished product will make you feel more positive. - I love to just chill watching Sci-fi or comedies. Even mindless stuff like ridiculousness - Play video games, my wife got me a PS5, but I only play one game (I’ve played only played Call of Duty for probably the past 5 years LOL).

About Me


John Bruno was born and raised in Milford, CT. USA: Guitarist for the projects AniMaze X, D-Metal Stars "Metal Disney", Super Guitar Disney / Disney Super Guitar, Obsession, and X Factor X. John Bruno has been a guitarist and writer for Obsession since 2004. John and his wife Gail own and operate Route 1 Guitars in Milford, CT.

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