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John F.

There are many strategies. First off, therapy can work. Keeping a diary so you can reflect on how you got through tough times so that you have confidence that you can survive the current crisis. I have many coping mechanisms in my book.

About Me

John “Jay Jay” French (born John French Segall, July 20, 1952) is an American musician, who was a co-founder and guitarist for the now-retired heavy metal band Twisted Sister. He now devotes his career to writing and motivational speaking, while also overseeing licensing and intellectual property rights for the Twisted Sister brand.

Twisted Sister was formed in 1972 by guitarist Jay Jay French under the name Silverstar. The name changed to Twisted Sister a year later, and in 1976 Dee Snider joined the broup as lead vocalist and principal songwriter. Their major international breakthrough came with the third album Stay Hungry (1984) including such hits as We’re Not Gonna Take It and I Wanna Rock.

Twisted Sister has sold over 25 million records and been awarded with 31 platinum and gold records in 8 countries. The original lineup, including of course the legendary axman Jay Jay French, played still to the largest audiences of their career in Europe in the 2010’s. 

Twisted Sister celebrated their 40th

Anniversary in 2016, headlining festivals in

35 countries. Twisted Sister has played over

9,000 performances since 1973!

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