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Kelly S.C.

"Depression runs in my family, I’ve battled it for most of my life. It started to creep in during my teenage years and later, the weight of my chaotic and isolated childhood really caught up with me. When this pandemic hit us, the inability to play live music, travel or even see friends took me to a very dark and empty place. When that darkness comes calling, the best remedies I’ve found are exercise, walking in nature and meaningful conversation. For me, depression is about disconnection. So, reconnecting with your body, nature and other people can pull you out of the mire."


About Me

Kelly Sundown Carpenter

Vocalist for Civil War

Past bands: Outworld Darkology & Zierler Beyond Twilight - Firewind, Epysode...


Born: Houston, Texas
Residence: Namur, Belgium


Beyond Twilight - Section X (Massacre Records)
Outworld - Outworld (Replica Records- former NTS)
Darkology - Altered Reflections (Rockaholics Records)
Epysode - Obsessions (AFM Records)
Darkology -Fated To Burn (Prime Eon)

Adagio - Japan Tour (2007)
Firewind – Touring singer (2013)
USA/Canadian Tour/Australian Tour

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