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Louis S.

What works for me would be a long outdoor peaceful walk while breathing in some cool fresh air and feeling that sunshine hit my face. All the while keeping God in my heart and realizing all misfortunes will eventually pass. Time for sure is the greatest healer.

About Me

Louis St. August was born on April 29th in Medford, Massachusetts to parents Peter & Tina. His love for music all started at the very early age of 4 while watching The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. From there on, the love for all music began from Motown to Heavy Metal!


At the age of ten, his family moved to Revere, Massachusetts. Already playing the drums and singing, he recruited his new neighbor Gene D'Itria. Gene wanted to play the drums too but Louis said, “No, you’re going to play guitar.” Heck, he needed a guitarist, right? So Gene took the confirmation money he had just received and bought himself an electric guitar; and so it began..


Louis and Gene have now been performing and writing songs for over 40 years. At the age of 15, Louis left the drums and decided to become the frontman for his band called AXIS / AXES in 1978. By 1981, the band added drummer Joey "Vee" Vadala and changed the name to MASS.

 Now having recorded over eight studio albums, and releasing singles and Christmas EP's on major labels such as  A&M Records, RCA Records, Enigma Records, and Escape Music the band has officially sold over half a million records worldwide!


Louis has also lent his voice to tracks to the band "Liberty & Justice" and has also appeared as a special guest singer on the band Boston’s 2013 release, “Life, Love & Hope", singing on the opening track "Heaven and Earth".


In 2012, Louis won the "Best Male Vocalist Of The Year" award presented by Limelight Magazine. Now having performed over a thousand shows all across America and having the opportunity to work with legendary producers such as Tom Allom (Judas Preist) Tony Platt (Led Zeppelin) and John Rollo (Joe Cocker) to name a few has been a lifelong dream come true.

Since the early '80s,  MASS has continued performing and releasing new music all along with there latest acclaimed release “When 2 Worlds Collide".  


Currently, Louis and the boys will begin the writing process in the fall of 2020 and plan on releasing a brand new album in 2021!

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