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Marta G.

There is a lot of stress in my life, like in everyone else’s lives, but I learned how to minimize its affect on my body and my mental health.

There was also one extremely hard and difficult situation in my life, which made me feel completely powerless and showed me the darkest parts of being human, so all things that I’m telling you about, are based on my own experience.

First thing that always works for me is changing the stressing environment. If a bad thing happens in some specific place, then I try to leave, go somewhere else, the further the better. In my case, staying close to the nature has a healing effect. The next thing that always help me is yoga and working out, especially exercises where I need to focus on breathing, and keeping my body in a perfect harmony with breathing. It works that way, that you keep your brain busy with counting or holding your breaths, so it’s not busy with the stressors. Another thing that always helps me is pretty simple: I talk with people I love, I tell them what is going on, and what I’m dealing with. Sometimes telling someone, and knowing they got your back is really restorative, and makes you feel you’re not alone in this.

About Me

Marta Gabriel is a founder (vocalist, guitarist and main composer) of CRYSTAL VIPER, a Heavy Metal act with which she recorded 8 studio albums and toured in almost 20 countries. Except that she's a session musician, and most recently she joined Swedish Power Metal band BLAZON STONE (as a bassist), and released debut solo album entitled "Metal Queens". Marta is also the CEO of Iron Oxide Records, which is dedicated to young and active bands.

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CRYSTAL VIPER is a Polish heavy metal band, founded in 2003 by Marta Gabriel. CRYSTAL VIPER is: Marta Gabriel (vocals, guitar), Andy Wave (guitar), Eric Juris (guitar), Blaze Grygiel (bass) and Cederick Forsberg (drums).

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