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Michele G.

Being active to me is THE answer to the moments in which darkness attacks us! This is and will always be my way out of it. The less we do, the more our brain loses defenses against our own demons, and they slowly prevail on us. The more we do, the more we keep ourselves busy, and consequently the more we find incentives to do more and to find at least something that gives us satisfactions (even if very little sometimes) and to move on from our darkness, not letting it overwhelm us. We need to have goals in life. We need to give ourselves a purpose. We need to be searching for something. The moment in which we lose all of this, is the moment in which we drop our shields. Fight against boredom. Fight against apathy. Give yourself goals and fight for them…and you’ll always have a purpose in life to give you the drive.

Michele Guaitoli - Vocalist for Visions of Atlantis, Temperance and ERA.

Producer and audio engineer at The Groove Factory Studio in Udine, Italy.

Songwriter, lyricist, endorser for Shure, Mackie, Ibanez, Vocalzone, Psylo Clothing and IK Multimedia Private vocal coach, also featuring as lead vocalist for Kaledon, Overtures and Ship of Theseus. Born on April 12th 1985, Michele immediately began his path through the world of music, studying piano since the age of 7, getting professional degrees in modern and jazz singing, musical theory, musical harmony and attending university courses in acoustic,


psychoacoustic, digital elaboration of signals, computer science, musical history & more.

He approached the world of the music business in 2003, with his prog-metal project Overtures.
After several experiences with various acts, in 2018 he joined the symphonic-metal bands Temperance (, Visions of Atlantis ( and in 2019 the new age project ERA (

Since 2005 he runs his own studio, that in 2010 became part of The Groove Factory (

Through the years Michele got the chance to work with labels such as Napalm Records, Warner, Sony, Universal, Limb, Scarlet Records & more, and with artists from all around the world, mainly in the rock/hard rock & heavy metal environment.


About Me

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