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Nick H.

Coping with problems and staying mentally healthy can be a very difficult thing. To tell the mind to stop worrying is incredibly hard. And even more frustrating when you realize you shouldn’t do it, but there’s just no way to turn it off. You know what you’re doing is bad, a lie, but still you’re drowning in your own thoughts. For me personally, I have this thing where I keep ruminating over the same conversation (that happened or didn’t happen yet), which has a different outcome each time. Getting darker and darker, like being stuck in a cycle. Negative thoughts always tend to stay longer than the positive anyway.


Recently I released the song “Cycles” by Powerized, which is all about that. It sounds really stupid, but the only thing you have to do is: don’t allow yourself to be sucked into this downward spiral. Realize that it is all happening inside of your head and allow yourself to take a step back; review and oversee the situation and say out loud that what you’re doing is not true, but you’re looking at a descending image you’re making of a world that isn’t there. It truly feels like waking up from a bad dream when you do and I think this is the way. I’ve always had a very scientific mindset, explaining things based on facts. Telling myself that this isn’t a fact, helps me cope. It isn’t a long-term solution, but the more often you do it, the more easy it will be to snap out of it. And from this point on, you might even be able to learn from your dark thoughts. You don’t have to cancel out the bad thoughts, just learn how to handle and control them.


Try to bend it into something good. Be thankful for bad things in life and learn from them, cause they make you aware of the good things around you. What helps me in daily life is most definitely music and in particular live music. To be able to be on a stage is my way of dealing with everything. On stage with my own music and lyrics I feel I can be my true self. I don’t need to make excuses of what I do or pretend to be someone else. I am my most self on stage. Embrace the little things in life. Hanging out with friends, walking in nature, doing sports. Allow yourself to have fun. This helps me and hope it will help you too.

About Me

Nick Holleman is a talented lead-singer and composer who has seen the biggest stages in the world with internationally acclaimed acts as Vicious Rumors and Sinbreed. He is also known for his theater work, having been a part of the ”The War Of The Worlds” production in which he played the role of the Artilleryman and was part of the orchestra as a guitarist. Nick’s vocals are his absolute unique selling point. From soaring high notes to intricate bluesy melodies, he can handle it all with seeming ease. Nick’s vocal range has left audiences worldwide breathless and has been the driving force behind his band Powerized’s music and live shows since the very beginning.

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