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Snowy S.


About Me

I fought many battles in my life and I certainly haven't taken the easy road in my search for happiness and inner peace but in latter years the sense of fatigue, hopelessness and despair has become more and more frequent and I've find myself drawn to the forest, animals and mother nature in general. Away from all the stressful elements of society and not least social medias. There's nothing as rewarding as petting dogs. Best psychiatrists ever. To cope I also listen to relaxing meditative music or atmospheric soundscapes like rain, thunder and native American healing music. Of course that in combination with many long talks with good friends. I've found that for me that works a whole lot better than alcohol, therapy, weed or magic mushrooms.

I also feel that writing by autobiography The Book Of Heavy Metal and going through all the cathartis motions gave me a far better perspective and understanding.


Publicly & professionally this blonde baby-boy was born 1989 in Los Angeles where and when he was recruited as new drummer for pioneering Danish satanist King Diamond, The previous 20 years was spent in Gothenburg, Sweden where the suburban kid grows up with a passion and devotion for heavy music horror & superhero comics and playing the drums.

Fast forward some odd 20 years and the multi talented man-boy with a D.I.Y attitude have had a rich and adventurous career working with countless bands and projects such as: Therion, Notre Dame, Mercyful Fate, illwill, Dream Evil, Dimmu Borgir, Sabaton, Memento Mori, XXX among many others. Which leads us right up until present time, and the rest is as they say; His-Story… and to be written!




Read all about it in the Book Of Heavy Metal (his highly acclaimed autobiography).

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