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First I never ever let myself get in a dark place.  I have ALWAYS surrounded myself with positive like-minded people.  Since I was a kid I have been goal driven... so I have no time for negativity in my life.  With every goal I set for myself... I have smaller goals to obtain the BIG overall goal.  I never think about failure... I think how I can progress as a person while being as giving as I can be, to people who might be less fortunate then me.  Early on I read books like;  Og Mandino's  The Best Salesman in the World... and changed the wording to The Best Drummer in the World.

I think positive, am positive and remain positive 24 hours a day!  If I ever get frustrated in life... I simply just play the drums and beat the shit out of 'em... and Voila... I'm grounded again and ready to take on the World! Simple shit!


Steve "Doc" Wacholz was born in White Plains, New York. Steve met Criss Oliva when he was 14 years old in Tampa Bay Florida. In 1979, Steve Wacholz joined the Oliva brothers band Avatar and jammed in a shack behind the Oliva home that was dubbed "The Pit" by the band. Wacholz originally had tried out to be part of Criss' older brother Jon Oliva's band, Alien, but when the first Savatage line-up was taking shape in 1977, Jon, who was originally on drum duties, was relieved of them by Wacholz. They also gave Steve a nickname that would follow him throughout his career: "Doctor Hardware Killdrums", often shortened to just "Doc" or "Doc Killdrums", which referred to Steve's hard playing style.


Currently, Wacholz is a member of the band Reverence which also includes ex Tokyo Blade guitarist Bryan Holland. He owns Cherokee Guns, a gun store in Murphy, North Carolina.


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