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Tony H.

About Me

Meditation, walks, call a friend, meet with a friend, take myself to a movie, yoga. These are just a few. I think the most important one may be talking to a friend. Someone you trust who will mostly just listen to you. 


California born, NYC bred, Tony Harnell’s music journey took off at 21 when he signed his first record deal with Mercury Records. Since then he’s been a fan favorite in the hearts and souls of millions, whether leading the Norwegian/American hard rock group TNT, or as the front man and songwriter for Westworld, Starbreaker and solo artist.


Founded by Tony Harnell (TNT, Westworld, Sonic The Hedgehog, Starbreaker), The Rock Singer Society was a dream of his for many years. Having studied with one of the best vocal coaches in the world, (Don Lawrence) he realized that not everyone had access to these teachers, or the ability to afford them consistently.

During his 40 year career, he leaned heavily on what he learned from his own vocal coach, and began sharing his experience with other students during the early 90’s. As the internet boomed, Tony was one of the first vocal coaches to accept online students successfully. Over the years, Tony has worked with hundreds of singers both in person and online.

There are a lot of singers out there who want to get better, and also have a community where they can feel like they’re a part of something special.  To have access to the vocal coaching and the course, while also having lessons on their own time, with the support and feedback from other students.

The Rock Singer Society is a supportive community & online vocal academy is the perfect place where rock singers of all levels, male or female, and all different backgrounds come together to learn & support one another as rock singers. 

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